Does MATLAB embedded coder support GR Lychee?


In our project we have developed algorithm in MATLAB and planning to generate C code from MATLAB.

Q1. Is GR Lychee supports generated code from "embedded coder" or we need to do some changes in the generated code to compile on GR-Lychee?

Q2. If it supports can we have basic code or example on this?

Q3. Which IDE should be preferred for this - E2 Studio or mBed platform or Arduino Platform?

  • Hi Pratyush,

    I'm not sure about your first and second question since these are related to MATLAB. However, for GR-Lychee's IDE, I believe there are more support with the "Arduino style" IDE.

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator

  • 1. Is GR Lychee supports generated code from "embedded coder"? No it is not supporting the GR Board but, it is supporting ARM Cortex A9 architecture which GR LYCHEE has and which would then converted into C code and GNU C/C++ can compile that code, in that case if you want to change you code then you need to use e2studio to modify your code, no C++ wrapper will be available as straight forward, So answer would be yes you can use Embedded Coder for GR LYCHEE

    2. It is possible but I don't have any working example for this

    3. IDE, I would suggest e2studio but you can use Keil also, Arduino style IDE will not work in this case if code is generated from Matlab, mbed Platform again it is a RTOS by ARM so need to change a code to support it, make sure that HAL libraries are matching with the board and the Processor, otherwise it will not work properly. to work with project supporting to specific target in C/C++ I would suggest check this samples code first you will get idea about project building,