How to dump the program in Kaede board?

hi there. i received the board yesterday. Now im trying to dump basic led program from web compiler.

I downloaded the Source.bin file to GR-KAEDE folder. But within a sec, it goes to the initial state(LED 1 alone constantly glowing). I cannot get the output.

Executed program is..

/* GR-KAEDE Sketch Template V1.00 */
#include <Arduino.h>

#define INTERVAL 100

void setup()

void loop()

digitalWrite(PIN_LED0, 1);
digitalWrite(PIN_LED1, 1);
digitalWrite(PIN_LED2, 1);
digitalWrite(PIN_LED3, 1);
digitalWrite(PIN_LED0, 0);
digitalWrite(PIN_LED1, 0);
digitalWrite(PIN_LED2, 0);
digitalWrite(PIN_LED3, 0);


But the output im getting is LED_1 glowing continuously.

Please say me how to run my program in Kaede board in a perfect way. 

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  • Connect your board with USB cable, then press Reset button on board, at this time you will be able to see the GR Kaede drive.

    Reset button will reset your old code and board will ready to program with new, if you don't press the reset button it will run your old code.

    As your screenshot is not displaying Ports that means your board is not connected with the PC, your board must be detected by your PC

    as you said you got the gr kaede in other devices earlier, so this time also you'll get it, right click on gr kaede and click update driver software and browse manually to search for it, download the GR_KAEDE_USBCDC.inf  file form the web compiler or unzip from this posts attachment, and use this file to install as it is driver for your baord.

    it seems that you are using windows 8 system, so suppose if it will not allow you to install 3rd party software directly without digital signature so follow the steps,

    1) Restart to the pc with windows 8.1 (the pc you need to install the driver)
    2) Go to side menu that comes on the right when you hover up the right corner and select Settings (Last icon) and Power
    3) Press Shift and select Restart, it will start closing windows programs, but it will stop in a menu
    4) Select, Troubleshoot, Advanced, Startup Settings and press Restart
    5) After restart select option 7. Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
    6) Find the driver you need (e.g. GR_KAEDE_USBSDC.inf)

    Now it will allow you to install renesas driver, this process is only for one time install, after that you don't need to do it again,

    unplug you USB and plug it again, Port section will not see until you are using it, so even if you are connected and not using the serial interface or not debugging the Port section will not see.

    To check your program flow, you need to install serial terminal software such as Hyper terminal to connect your device serially.

    This is steps looks pretty unfamiliar for windows 7 but for 8 or 8.1 this things are required .
  • Thank you so much RiteshGohil !

    Now my Board is on working condition.

  • Is there any problem will occur on Formatting GR KAEDE drive?

  • I never tried, also suggest you to do not try,

    you can do is Reset the code using Reset button on your Kaede board, that will erase your code, Formatting drive may loose it's original File System.