Power supply to GR Kaede board

Can anyone help about providing power to the board. There is a female power socket on the board, but where to get the right power adapter with the right male jack. If it is available with contest organizers, please let me know how to order it. Anybody else already using a standard (good) adapter, please provide me links. thank you.

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    Thanks suresh for raising this question, even I wanted to ask this question.

  • Our GR KAEDE board contains TLV1117LV33 , Positive Fixed-Voltage, Low-Dropout Regulator.

    Features of TLV1117LV33 :

    1. VIN: 2 V to 5.5 V , Absolute Maximum VIN = 6 V 

    2. Low Dropout: 455 mV at 1 A for VOUT = 3.3 V

    3. Minimum Ensured Current Limit: 1.1 A

    From that we get to know , we can use 5V 1A adapter. it is normally available in normal electronic shops.  Otherwise you can find out from Amazon and ebay. 

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    Thank you Vashi.

    I will check stores for the matching pin.

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    Power supply adaptor with 5V 1A and a GR Kaede matching socket. I will post the details once I test it.

    Link to product in Amazon

    Polarity of the socket: Inside Positive, Outside Negative