If you receive the GR-KAEDE board

GR-KAEDE Board that is distributed for the design contest must be rewriting the F/W(Flash).

Please re-write the F / W according to the following procedures.

0. Preparation

Please prepare the following things. and, the writing you will need Windows PC.


· USB cable micro B type

1. Installation on PC of Renesas_Flash_Programmer (RFP)

Please download and install from the following site the RFP.


2. Switch setting of GR-KAEDE

Please set as follows slide switch of J7 part of the GR-KAEDE.

- 1: ON

- 2: ON

- 3: OFF

- 4: ON

3. PC connection 

Please connect the GR-KAEDE and the PC using a USB cable.

4. Starting the RFP

Please start the RFP.

5. Creating a work space of RFP

Please create a workspace in accordance with the following procedure.

The following screen appears on startup. Please proceed to the next by selecting the Full mode.

On the target microcontroller you will select the "Generic Boot Device" and "RX".
Please input workspace name and  location name to appropriate

Please proceed to the next by selecting the "USB Direct" as used tool.

Please complete all by selecting the default "OK" after the dialog.

The following workspace is displayed.

7. File addition  

Right-click on the file tree as below, select the "Add Program Files", please specify the attached file.

It's as follows when the file is added.

8. Writing  

When the writing is complete, and then disconnect the device as follows.

9. Operation check  

When you have finished writing, and remove the USB cable from GR-KAEDE.

and, the J7 slide switch of GR-KAEDE set as follows.

- 1: OFF
- 2: OFF
- 3: OFF
- 4: ON

After the setting of the slide switch is finished, please connect the USB cable again. When LED1 ~ LED4 flashes it is normal behavior.