This guide is provided for first-time users of GR-KAEDE board and explains how to program the board to make the LED on.

You need to prepare the below 2 parts.


- USB cable for micro B type.

Note: The 1st lot of GR-KAEDE has a problem of USB firmware. So you need to write USB firmware the way in this forum.


Note:  GR-KAEDE 1st lot has a problem with the boot loader for programming a sketch. Take a look here to write the boot loader

1. Start Coding

 There are two ways to write code for GR-KAEDE:

  1.  Web Compiler --- this is what we use in this description
  2. e2studio --- a professional IDE offered by Renesas. The project files are here.

 To use the Web Compiler, you need to log in to Gadget Renesas site. "Guest Log In" is a trial entry that doesn't require register for this site.

 Basic operations of the Web compiler can be found in the Rulz's posting "How to use Web Compiler".



2. Create a New Project

 You can create a new project by clicking the '+' icon shown below. An entry from "Guest Log In" lets you start a new project from scratch without user registration.  

Select an appropriate template, such as, where xxx indicates the version. Please note that the project name field does not allow use of any 2-byte characters like Japanese.


3. Displaying your sketch

Selecting the "Create Project" brings you to the Web Compiler IDE window. Click "gr_sketch.cpp" file under the explore menu.  The source code of the file will appear in the right window. This is the sample code that will drive the LED on GR-KAEDE.



4. Build the code

Since the code shown on the screen is a working sample, you don't need to debug the code. To build the code, click the "Execute Build" icon on the right navigation menu shown below.  This should show you  "The Compilation Is Complete" pop-up.


When the build is OK, the pop-up screen shows "Make process completed" at the bottom of screen.  Then click the close button.



5. Download the sketch

When the build is successfully completed, Web Compiler creates binary file "sketch.bin" under the .CPP file shown below. Move the mouse onto the bin file and click the right click -  that shows the pop-up menu below. Then click "Download" menu.



6. Connect GR-KAEDE

 Connect GR-KAEDE to PC with USB cable. And then push the RESET button on GR-KAEDE.


7. Flashing (Copy program to GR-KAEDE)

 GR-KAEDE is displayed as a USB storage. Copy & Paste the sketch.bin to the storage.

 Now the LED on GR-KAEDE is flashing, isn't it?



 Appendix. USB serial communication

  You can communicate to GR-SAKURA using serial class. Refer to here about serial class.

  If you use Mac, you may display the standard terminal in applications to write a command such as screen /dev/tty.usbmodem1.1 9600. The part of "usbmodem1.1" depends on your PC.

  If you use Windows, you need .INF file as the below. Download from USB_Driver folder in the Web compiler.



 The below is a sample to communicate between GR-KAEDE and your PC.


void setup()

void loop()





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