• General / Off-Topic

    General / Off-Topic

    General forum for topics that don't have a home elsewhere in RenesasRulz. Please look for an appropriate forum before you post here.
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  • High-performance Embedded Workshop (HEW)

    High-performance Embedded Workshop (HEW)

    The following community content corresponds to High-performance Embedded Workshop (HEW).
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  • IAR


    The following community content corresponds to IAR.
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  • IP & Driver Models: C1M-Ax

    IP & Driver Models: C1M-Ax

    Community Support for Renesas software that simulates the RH850 MCU in conjuction with the simulation software using Matlab and Simulink.
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  • Misc. Tools

    Misc. Tools

    The following community content corresponds to Misc. Tools.
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  • Older Tools

    Older Tools

    Topics on older tools like as FoUSB, Hew Target Server, etc.
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  • Other MCU/MPU Products

    Other MCU/MPU Products

    Other MCU/MPU Product Forums
  • R32C


    Topics on the R32 MCU.
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  • RA


    Collaborate on your RA Projects with Renesas. Let’s build ingenious Things together faster and cooler!
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  • R-Car H3/M3 (Cockpit)

    R-Car H3/M3 (Cockpit)

    Welcome to the Renesas’ R-Car H3/M3 Cockpit Community! This space is where customers can browse material, post questions and join moderated discussion related to our Cockpit products.
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