• App Kits and Demo Boards

    App Kits and Demo Boards

    Application Solutions Kits and Technology Demonstration Boards
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  • Bluetooth


    Welcome to the Renesas’ Bluetooth Community! This space is where customers can browse material, post questions and join moderated discussion related to our Bluetooth products.
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    Topics on CAN/LIN
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  • Capacitive Touch (Cap Touch)

    Capacitive Touch (Cap Touch)

    This space contains discussions and information related to the topic of Cap Touch.
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  • Doctor Micro

    Doctor Micro

    Dr. Micro's Blog space. Follow Dr. Micro as he talks about Renesas products.
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  • e2studio IDE

    e2studio IDE

    This forum is dedicated to topics and discussions relating to the new Eclipse based tool e2Studio (pronounced "E Squared Studio") from Renesas.
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  • e-AI


    Find and contribute to great discussions on the growing technology of Embedded Artificial Intelligence in this forum.
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  • Easy Motor Control for Prototyping

    Easy Motor Control for Prototyping

    Welcome to the community site for Renesas Easy Motor Control for Prototyping
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  • EDA Symbols

    EDA Symbols

    Find EDA symbols for Renesas products here.
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  • Gadget Renesas

    Gadget Renesas

    This is the English only Gadget Renesas user forum. Please see for the Japanese forum.
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