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Community Groups
  • Microcontrollers & Microprocessors

    Microcontrollers & Microprocessors

    Forum group for Renesas MCU and MPU products
  • MCU IDE, Tools & Complier

    MCU IDE, Tools & Complier

    This parent group contains ToolChain sub-gropups for Renesas devices.
  • Automotive


    This is a parent group for automotive product sub-groups containing forums for R-Car, RH850 and other devices.
  • Embedded System Platform

    Embedded System Platform

    This group contains forums for Renesas Synergy High performance /efficiency 32 bit MCU
  • General / Off-Topic

    General / Off-Topic

    General forum for topics that don't have a home elsewhere in RenesasRulz. Please look for an appropriate forum before you post here.
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  • GreenPAK & GreenFET

    GreenPAK & GreenFET

    This group contains forums for Configurable Mixed Signal devices.
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  • Interface & Connectivity

    Interface & Connectivity

    This group contains forums for RS485, IO-Link, USB interface devices.
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  • Memory Products

    Memory Products

    This group contains forums for Serial NOR Flash & SRAM products.
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  • Power Management

    Power Management

    This group contains forums for Renesas extensive Power Management portfolio.
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  • Sensor Products

    Sensor Products

    This group contains forums for Gas , Humidity, Environmental, Flow & Temperature Sensors.
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  • Timing Products

    Timing Products

    This group contains forums for Oscillators, Clock distribution & PLL devices.
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  • Wireless Connectivity

    Wireless Connectivity

    This group contains forums for Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, Wi-Sun, Cellular devices.
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  • University


    This is the community for educators and students from universities around the world working with Renesas products.
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  • Vault Archive

    Vault Archive

    This is an archive of community groups that are infrequently active. All sub-groups contained in the archive are set to READ ONLY interaction with any of the content contained in the sub-groups must be requested via the administrator.
    Last Activity:
    6 members