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Does the Synergy GLCDC-Module support the serial Interface of the Himax HX8375 in "DBI TYPE-C Option 3"?

Because it is a pain in the ass to connect the ILI9488-Controller to a S7G2 running the Synergy-GLCDC-Module (I had no success till now)  I now prefer the use of the LCD-Controller HX8375 in serial mode "DBI TYPE-C Option 3".

The serial data format requested by the controller is to see on page 36 of this datasheet (it's not allowed to post a picture of it here). I searched the web for informations how to configure the GLCDC-Module with the configurator for serial output and this data protocol but had no success.

Where can I find informations (examples?) if the GLCDC supports this serial format and how to configure GLCDC for this.

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