USBX Debugging Source Encrypted despite having developer license


I am working on debugging a legacy Synergy application on SSP 1.6.0 that uses USBX Host Class Storage.  With certain flash drives, even when formatted FAT or FAT32, the program appears to hang indefinitely.  In an attempt to locate the problem I have been having some problems with source locations and encryption.

I have a Development and Production License installed that gives permissions for View and Compile for the USBX Host Stack, but I am unable to view the file ux_host_class_storage_thread_entry.c, which appears to be where my application is hung.  Specifically, the IDE shows that the file is encrypted.  I am able to view other USBX files with the "PROTECTED" watermark.  Is this file not included in the set of files that are decryptable with the Development and Production License?  If there is a new license I need to obtain, how might I go about that?  The super user for my organization no longer works at my Company and I do not see anywhere to create new licenses.

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  • Thanks for the response.  I have enabled USBX Host Class Mass Storage Source and USBX Source, but they appear with red text in the thread stack diagram.  The error says "Refer to release notes if multiple symbol definition linkage error occurs", but no such error happens when I build.

    I just opened the IDE back up after the weekend and now the source appears to be decrypted.  Perhaps I just needed to close e2 and start it back up?

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