RTC operation when program is not run from 0x0

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble with the RTC when my program is not run from flash position 0x0. I am using a bootloader that sits @ 0x0 and my program is located with at an offset of 0x80000. The bootloader correctly jumps to the application when it has flashed it, but the RTC Open call


fails. I resorted to calling it a second time in case of an error and that works, but that is a bit of a hack and workaround. Are there any informations regarding using the RTC with the program at an offset? The error I get is SSP_ERR_TIMEOUT in sub-function r_rtc_set_clock_source.

The RTC is run from Subclock, the power is supplied via battery. When calling the open two times, it works reliably (also counts further when the device is turned off), still I don't like the need for duplicate calls.

The clock configurations between bootloader and main program are the same. The RTC is not used in the bootloader.

I am running SSP 2.2.0.

Kind Regards