Smart configurator disappeared after update to 2021-04 (21.4.0)


I'm using the RX65N target board for some tests with this processor. I used the previous version of the e2studio to 2021-04 (21.4.0) (I haven't noted the exact version, but it was just a month ago when I downloaded it).

I used the smart configurator quite often, but after this update the smc page is just blank. A double-click on the .scfg file doesn't help, too. Even creating a brand new project had no effect.

What's going wrong here?

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  • Hi Oliver,

    Have you tried creating a new project and see if the Smart Configurator works? If it doesn't, maybe a clean installation of the e2 studio might help.

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator

  • As I wrote before, I already tested it with a new project. Today I uninstalled and reinstalled e2studio and unfortunately the smart configurator is still not here.

    Am I the only one with this kind of problem? Is this problem RX65N related? Does it work with other devices?

    However, Renesas should be focused much more on the software quality of their build tools. This was not the only problem in my e2studio experiences. There are so many glitches, pitfalls and nonlogical work flows that I'm not too happy with this tool chain.

    The only reason for us to stay with Renesas is our long experience with their MCU's. The hardware quality is fine and the data sheets are fine, too.

    I really read a lot of information about the e2studio and the CC-RX toolchain but some things are still not clear to me.

    Things I have found while testing the e2studio with the Renesas RX65N target Board (RTK5RX65N) and the CC-RX compiler:

    - The smart configurator disappeared with e2studio version 2021-04

    ------ all findings from this point were made with e2studio 2021-01 -----------------

    - Although it is possible to select this board (Device settings) in the new project wizard, the settings for this board are not working out of the box. So the first start will be frustrating. You have to read the target board manual and to change some settings for the E2 lite debugger and you will have to change the clock configuration (use the HOCO clock) in the smart configurator (until the board has soldered a crystal oscillator).

    - Don't forget to click the small unobtrusive button "generate code" in the smart configurator or all your settings will be ignored

    - The FIT configurator did not work out of the box (showed no modules), although I have downloaded all available modules for the RX MCU in the new project wizard. I had to change manually the path of the FIT configurator in the FIT preferences to the path of the downloaded FIT modules. After a e2studio restart the modules appeared in the FIT configurator.

    - You have to keep in mind the right "Generate code" order of the smart and the FIT configurator. First smart, the FIT or you will get compiler errors.

    - There are overlaps between the smart and FIT configurator regarding the MCU pin configurations. For example it is possible to configure the SCI0 pins in the smart and in the FIT configurator, but these tools work independent of each other and it is possible to create contradictory MCU configurations. Hard to find these kind of problems.

    - The debug configuration in the new project wizard is not really a debug configuration as the C++ compiler optimizations are still switched on level 2. This leads to non-debugable variables (optimized out).

    - For production use it is necessary to create a flash file with a release configuration. It is possible to create a release configuration in the new project wizard but unfortunately this release configuration does not work. It does NOT respect all neccessary settings for this target and will fail to build. So you have to create your own configuration in the "Manage configurations" dialog. "Copy settings from existing configuration" also fails and creates a non-working configuration. You have to select "Import from projects -> My Project -> Hardware debug" and you have to switch on all optimizations you want for production manually.

    - I don't understand the "Launch Mode" and the "Launch configuration" drop down boxes in the e2studio. It is possible to create a new launch configuration and to connect this with a release configuration but why is this so complicated? I only want to have a debug configuration and a release configuration, nothing more. I don't want to "launch" anything with a release configuration. I just want a .mot file for production flashing. This seems to be unnecessarily hard to get.

    Sorry for the longish post but I hope that my observations will help some people to get started with the e2studio.
    Maybe my work procedure is not optimal and there are other "best practice" hints for every day work.
    I would appreciate all the information that could be used to better work with the e2studio!


  • Hi Oliver,

    I've been trying to reproduce the issue without any success. (i.e. Installing an older version of e2studio - 2021-01 in my case - and then updating it to 2021-04 via Help - Check for Updates)

    Could you providing us with your error log so that we can investigate further?


    1. Open the error log view by clicking on Window - Show View - Other..., and selecting "Error Log"
    2. Clear the log (Optional step)
    3. Double-click on the *.scfg file
    4. Export Log


  • Hi Oliver,

    The feedback is very useful for us to improve. Thank you for this!

    I can provide a quick reply on some of the feedback, and for the rest, we will relay this to the respective teams. 

    1. Regarding FIT Configurator, we have stopped to maintain this tool for a few releases now. Instead, we recommend to use Smart Configurator.
    Smart configurator is the successor tool to FIT Configurator, and we did not build in any interoperability for the case both tools are used concurrently. 
    The pin configurations and module download paths will work nicely on the newer tool. 
    In a future release, it is in the plans to remove FIT Configurator to avoid the exact confusion that you shared. 

    2. The "generate code" button has been made much bigger in e2studio 2021-04. 
    Hopefully, you will see it after the smc blank issue is resolved. 
    To further improve the user experience, it is in the plans to synchronize the Smart Configurator configurations right before the project is built. This will avoid any potential mismatches between your configurations on the tool, and the built code. 

    3. It is also in the plans to make sure that when a board is selected, the related settings in the E1-Lite debugger and Smart Configurator clocks page match up. 


  • Hi,

    I have found the reason for the smart configurator problem. Some files in the workspace (I believe "workspace\.metadata" is the problem) have been messed up in the update procedure. Renaming the old workspace and creating a new one has resolved the problem. I was able to copy my projects from the old to the new workspace and the smart configurator was working again!

    @Leonard: I have a backup of the problematic workspace. Maybe I could send you this workspace?

    Regarding the FIT modules: In the moment it is not clear to me, how the smart configurator could replace the FIT configurator. The FIT modules include driver code and documentation. But the smart configurator has no driver code AFAIK?

    Best regards,


  • Hi again,

    Now I have the error log. But it is much too long to post it here. Any place to upload this?



  • Hi Oliver,

    We have a simple usage guide that explains how to use FIT modules with Smart Configurator.

    In section 4.3.2 of the above document, we've documented some simple steps to download, configure, and generate a FIT module within Smart Configurator. 

    Could you check if this feature meets your requirements? 

  • Hi Oliver,

    I've prepared a temporary site for the upload. 

    Please upload files through the following URL:

    This URL will expire on April 27, 2021 4:26 PM (UTC+08:00)

  • OK, I've uploaded the files.



  • Hi Leonard, I already read this document. So if I understand you correctly, than the FIT modules will stay but the FIT configurator will have to go and will be replaced with the smart configurator. Is that right?



  • Hi Oliver, 

    From the error log, I cannot be sure why the SC tool cannot find the required dependencies that it needs.

    I can only fathom a guess that the web update was incomplete at some point. In such a case, a re-installation would be the best way to overcome such an error. 

    From the old workspace, my engineer could observe a blank page.
    However, closing the editor and reopening it seems to resolve the issue. 

    I would suggest using a new workspace is the best solution if a similar issue is encountered in the future. 


  • Hi,

    I uninstalled and reinstalled e2studio without success. Only the new workspace brought the SMC back.