Creating an Ubuntu Docker image for e2studios

I made a script which gets gcc from the release notes, gets e2 studios, copies in ssp 1.7.8 and then installs synergy from the command line. I run the script and it will generate a binary. It works great in ubuntu 20.04. 

When I try to run this inside of a docker container, i get totally different results. It will not build. Has anyone sucessfully generated a binary using e2studio from inside a docker container?

./e2studio \
--launcher.suppressErrors \
-nosplash \
-application org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.headlessbuild \
-data worspace.headless \
-import "/sparkcharge/mcb/Production_v1" \
-build all \
-cleanBuild all \
-vmargs -Dcom.renesas.synergyLicenseFile="/home/orenderj/renesas_tools/temp/internal/projectgen/arm/licenses/SSP_License_Example_EvalLicense_20180725.xml"

  • Hello Orender,

    Our Development team saw this and they are considering looking into this as a special instruction notes or something.  Thank you for your input and it is always great when the community comes up with good solutions that others can use.


    Mike Quirk

  • I do have a working script in Ubuntu that will build a binary from a plain vanilla ubuntu machine and take any of my e2studios projects that are side by side with my script and build them. i assumed i could put this script onto my dockerfile, but it fails in a way that is difficult to determine as the errors are not very descriptive. the same command i wrote above, will fail on the command line, but it will generate 90% of the .o files for the project. i can finish the project manually if I then cd into the Debug or Release folder and "make all". I can also "make clean" and nuke the folder and "make all" again and it will succeed. I think I am getting down to the level where e2studio needs some requirements that I am not fulfilling inside my dockerfile even when it is in headless configuration. I suspect that it still looks for graphical components. If I install a jre, for example, things behave differently again. 

  • Our Dev. Team has an example but for RZ and RA they currently don't have one for Synergy, but the example might help or point you to some things to check.

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