Porting from KPIT toolchain to Renesas RXC toolchain

I am trying to converte my project from a KPIT Toolchain to RXC toolchain, what I have done up till now is that I have generated the r_cg files using my previous settings on the KPIT Toolchain and then I imported the different header and application layer files I am working on.

It shows me the error

E0562300:Dublicate symbol in an obj file.

Any idea what this means and how I could go about solving it?


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  • The error message is a linker error. The linker is working with the object files. So it is not surprising that the error message shows the object file name where the linker found the duplicate symbol definition. Still the explanation of Okra is correct.

  • I was able to successfully solve this not sure if this is the reason though, in my case I had defined a structure type in a header file and externed the structure to in another .c file. 

    However the .h header was being included in more than 4 .c files so it could be possible that the structure was being redefined there multiple times while it was being included.

    What I did is simply remove the structure type decleration to a .c file and externed the structure type to the header.

    Ps. Is it not a good method or standard to define structure types inside a .h file and include them later?