GUIX pixelmaps dimensions

I reduced the size of a pixelmap on GUIX from 24KB to 6KB, but when I add it to GUIX pixelmaps, it shows always 24KB as size.

Then when I build the project in e2studio, the text value shown at the end of operation has been reduced only from 4202640 to 4202224. Is it normal?

I expected to recover more space reducing the size of the pixelmaps. 

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  • When I build the application project in e2studio the considered flash memory is only the one of the microcontroller (4MB), but on my board there is also one qspi flash (8 MB). If I compile successfully, then I can generate with a specific procedure 2 separate .bin files that can be uploaded through USB if there is my custom bootloader on the board. In this way I can load all the graphics resources only on the external flash, and the remaining code on the micro.
    Doing this, I see that the .bin file for the flash of the micro is about 500KB and the one for the external flash is 3.5MB, so I think that I have to reduce the memory occupation of the guix generated resources but I don't konw how.
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    How's it going? Do you have any progress on this? While waiting for others to give you a definite answer, you might want to refer to this post from Renesas Knowledgebase regarding GUIX pixelmap. Kindly refer to this link:

    I hope that will be useful to you!

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