FLASH and RAM occupation

I'd need to know what is the memory occupation (FLASH and RAM) at the moment in a project compiled with e2studio.

Is it possible to get it from the data shown at the end of the build operation?


For example, now I can see these values:

text        data       bss        dec         hex 
4203174    0    3690604 7893778 787312


Thank you

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  • Have you tried turning on map file generation for your project?

    1. Right-click on project in Project Explorer.
    2. Select C/C++ Build -> Settings in left navigation pane.
    3. Select Tool Settings tab in main Settings pane.
    4. Select Linker -> Output in Tool Settings navigation pane.
    5. Select Outputs the external symbol allocation information file (-map) checkbox.
    6. Click Apply and Close button to save.
    7. Rebuild project.

    ...although my checkbox is unchecked and I still get .map files.

    The .map file in the project build directory shows the linker memory allocation for your project.