RELOC ATWINC1500 installation

I'm using e2Studio 1.7.5, with SSP 1.7.8, and a PK-S5D9 Promotion Kit.

I have run the installer for RELOC's ATWINC1500 Wi-Fi driver, and can see the .pack file has been installed at C:\Renesas\e2_studio\internal\projectgen\arm\Packs\Renesas.Synergy_wifi_winc1500.1.7.8.pack.  However, when I run RELOC's example, add a NetX thread, then add a driver, it automatically installs the GT202 driver, without giving me the option of selecting the ATWINC1500 driver.

Does anyone know what I have to do within e2Studio with SSP1.7.8 to get it to allow me to use this other driver?

Thanks for your help!