Debug error: The specified emulator has already been used


Tonight as i was debugging code, i started uploading a file to my target board via the E2 Lite emulator. For the first time, i  cancelled the upload in mid stream (never did that before) using the upload window's "Cancel" button.

However, right after i cancelled, i clicked on Debug again in order to connect the emulator, but this time E2 Studio responded with an error window saying "Could not open connection to E1/E20 device. Please check the GDB server console for more information".

The console outputs this message:

"GDB action 'connect to target', has failed with error report, Failed to connect to the emulator. The specified emulator has already been used.
Disconnected from the Target Debugger."

I've tried several things, including disconnecting the E2 Lite from my computer, unplugging the E2 Lite probe cable to my target board, and exiting and restarting E2 Studio. But none of these things work.

I've checked my project Debugger properties and they are correct.

Does anyone know what the solution to this bug is?