After upgrading to 7.6.0 debugging with "Step Over" is not fully functional.

Good morning, All!

Last Weekend I have updated my E2 Studio  version 7.5.0 to version 7.6.0 and observed the following issue: During debugging after breakpoint event the "Step Over" function is processed as "Step Into" one (entering into called function code). The "Step Return" is also handled as "Resume" and do not allow to continue debugging on the caller's level.

Note that "Step Over" in main() function during the debugging session start is working OK - i.e do not entering into called functions code.

Rolling back from 7.6.0 to 7.5.0 fixes the issue.

We are working with RX platform, using Renesas E1 Emulator and GCC toolchain for compiling the aplication.

Has anybody observed the same issues? Are there any settings to fix it for 7.6.0?

Thank you, and have a nice Week!

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