how can the data flash be excluded from erase by E2 debugger RL78/G13



having the data flash erased every time i load code complicates my development immensely.

So if there is a way to avoid that i would be super happy.


Also if the project  linker settings could have check boxes to create a linker file depending on if eel/fdl/self programming is used or not would save many support questions as the sample linker files are for a single memory size. (and 4 years old not matching)

older tools/different processors had/have a linker file "editor" in eclipse but this seems to be absent for RL78


I may have misunderstood a lot as I am new to the scene, but browsing trough the forum this seems to be 2 of the top issues people have, including me.




  • Hi @nicholas,

    Please experiment passing -ueraseRom=0 as parameter to the e2-server-gdb before invocating it.

    By default, a Debug Configuration has this option enabled.

    It can be found here: Debugger - Connection Settings - Erase Flash ROM When Starting





    Disable this option within e² studio debug configurations in order to prevent the E1 Debugger to erase Data Flash contents between two debug sessions.

    It would be the same as passing the parameter -ueraseRom=0 to the e2-gdb-server.exe, although the IDE's checkbox option is mandatory for controlling this specific option.

  • Thanks

    but this will also prevent the code flash to be updated.
    I want to develop my code (flashing / debugging ) but not touch the data-flash.

    correct me if I am wrong.
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