Can transmission problem on S5D9


I want to send a can message with S5D9 board to a Pcan-usb Pro. The code is running (inspired buy CAN_HAL_DRIVER_MODULE on S7G2) but the message can't be received buy the PCAN (his green light blinking red when i send something).

I think it's because the can S5D9 Kbits/s isn't the same as PCAN Kbit/s. Indeed, " tx_flag= false"  so "CAN_EVENT_TX_COMPLETE" is false too. I have 500Kbits/s on PCAN and i tought i had 500Kbit/s too on S5G9. We I initialised S5G9 i used the documentation :

bit_rate = (fcanmclk/BRP)/(Tseg1+Tseg2+SS) = (60/5)/(15+8+1). What am i doing wrong ?    

Thanks you and sorry for my english.

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