V850 CAN troubleshooting

 I'm trying to use the V850 CAN Bus for troubleshooting the CAN bus. Where can I find the libraries for the V850 Can bus?

  • Hi,

    Have you already found the library that you are looking? Maybe this CAN application note can help you www.renesas.com/.../r01an2535ed0200_can.pdf

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator
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    Thanks for the document. This really helps a lot. Do you know where to find the map*.h files (eg map_afcan.h) which are mentioned in the document in par 5.4.2 ? (Google didn't find them)
  • Based upon the CAN application note I've been able to make some steps. I have found 8 channels on the V850 and I'm able to read from the channels (ch2 until ch9).
    ch2 shows a single pattern at every read
    Some channels (ch3, ch4, ch8) show raw data
    And some channel (ch5, ch6) quiet

    So is there a layout of the V850 chipset which explains the different channels?