RX62T CAN CTX_C and CRX-C not working

Dear all,


I am new in this forum,

This is my issue.

I am using RX62T 112 pins.In this CAN CTX-C and CRX-C I am using to transmit and receive data through CAN analysier.

I cant able to send and receive data.

Can anyone help me to figure it?

sample code taken from Renesas site.(RX62T can communication)

But in this they configured CTX-A nd CRX-A channel. But I need CTX-C and CRX-C so, I done a few changes in register settings.

PFJCAN = 0x81; // bit 6 and bit 7 to choose which channel here, I choose Channel C.

Port PD7 as TX and Port PE0 as RX

rest of the codes are same.

Any one can help?





  • Do you use the application example r01an0339eu0205?
    Did you change the port definitions in config_r_can_api.h?
  • In reply to FrankL:

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for reply.
    I tried r20an0278ej0100_rx62t.
    port definition not done.

    Macro definitions
    /* Include this line if you want to poll can mailboxes for messages received
    and sent. COMMENT to use the CAN interrupts. */
    #define USE_CAN_POLL 1

    /*** CAN interrupt ************************************************************/
    /* Include this line if you are using CAN0 interrupts. */
    #define CAPI_CFG_CAN0_ISR 1

    /* Level */
    #define CAN0_INT_LVL 2

    #define USE_CAN_API_SEARCH 1

    /* Configure CAN0 STBn pin.
    Output. High = not standby. */
    #define CAN0_TRX_STB_PORT B
    #define CAN0_TRX_STB_PIN 0
    #define CAN0_TRX_STB_LVL 1 //High = Not standby.

    /* Configure CAN0 EN pin.
    Output. High to enable CAN transceiver. */
    #define CAN0_TRX_ENABLE_PORT 2
    #define CAN0_TRX_ENABLE_PIN 4
    #define CAN0_TRX_ENABLE_LVL 1 //High = Enable.

    in this macro which one I need to change.

  • In reply to FrankL:

    Hi Frank,

    yes I changed the port pins also.
    CTX-C ----- PORTD.DDR.BIT.B7
    CRX-C ------ PORTE.DDR.BIT.B0
    one more additional settings
    also done.
    apart from this anything need to do?

  • Hi poonuchamy,

    Did you have any progress on this?

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator