CAN network to LIN network gateway possible?

I knew and worked on Gateway implementation in same kind of network i.e. within CAN network. So could you help me to whether across the vehicle Communication protocol GATEWAY is possible or not? If yes, how could it be done?

  • It is possible and CAN/LIN Gateways are implemented everywhere in the vehicle.
    Gateway SW component is implemented in LIN master node.
    For example: Battery Monitoring Unit (slave) and Body Control Module (Master).
    BMU publishes SoC information, needed for some Logical Components in BCM, additionally to that Sub-System Propulsion wants to see the SoC value to decide if it is possible to dump the load of the Alternator during acceleration, thus here is the need to publish SoC signal on the CAN for ECM. Here is the gateway: CEM receives the SoC from BMU and propagates it to a connected CAN.
    This is SW Gateway, thus propagation time normally differs if the signal is pass-through or needed for some Logical components inside the Gateway Node.
    Hope will be useful.
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