UART tx interrupt for DMA Transfer?

Hi all,

I am working on rx62n, here i want to transmit data through DMA, for that i need to activate DMA SOURCE through UART TXI interrupt.

But , i cant generate UART TXI interrupt .:

please suggest me to clear the issue


  • Some things to check:

    Is the interrupt flag set tp generate an interrupt? If no interrupt occurs, perhaps the interrupt enable bit for the source (DMA/UART) is not set.

    Are interrupts enabled globally with e.g. the ENABLE_IRQ  macro somewhere? If your interrupt does not occur, the flag may have been disabled (by e.g. DISABLE_IRQ). Check by doing this: At a point in the code where your interrupt is expected, set a breakpoint and check that the I-flag is '1'. Check the CPU flag registers for the I-flag.

    Is the interrupt priority level for the interrupt set to a non-zero value? Check the main Interrupt chapter of the HW manual.

    Make sure that the interrupt ISR function is pointed to correctly by the vector table. Check the interrupt base register and count the offset from there to see the CAN  interrupt ISR address in the interrupt table.

    Tell the compiler to do a ‘return from interrupt’ for your ISR with the #pragma directive. This must be present in the file where the function is defined. Example for CAN:

    #pragma interrupt CAN0_RXM0_ISR(vect=VECT_CAN0_RXM0, enable)

    void CAN0_RXM0_ISR(void)