Where to download the RL78/G1D Bluetooth low energy protocol stack (Ver1.20)

Please download the stack from the link below. You need My Renesas registration and log-in to download. (There is no need for the premium user account any more.)


The library files (binary) should be included to RL78/G1D AppNote projects manually in order to start evaluating the project source code.  

  • Does this fix the freeze problem? I am having serious issues with this stack freezing when invoking reads and writes. The RBLE method gets called but nothing happens over the airwaves and the program stops (no event is ever signaled until the connection times out).

  • In reply to Brian:

    If you have already been using V1.20 stack, this would not fix the problem.

  • In reply to TK:

    I hope they fix this problem soon because it renders the v120 stack useless for production central operations. The problem with reverting back to v111 is that peripheral security requests are not properly handled and that the connection index is not provided to the application on connection (just the connection handle). That makes the SM unusable (for a multi-connection central ... no problem for a single-connection peripheral).