Hitachi Embedded workshop(HEW) v2.1 release 10 upgrade

We have a licence for HEW 2.1 with H8S & H8/300H series tool chain, which was installed in our Windows XP machine.

We wanted to upgrade the software HEW v2.1 to Windows 7 OS, Can someone please suggest me where to look for upgrade packs.




  • Hello Rao,

    HEW is a legacy IDE.  

    HEW 2.1 was not supported on Windows 7.

    You would need to jump to HEW 4.09 available at:

    CAUTION: click on Design Support and review the support for discontinued parts (not recommended for new designs).  Also check that your version of compiler is supported.

    Please note, that as HEW gets older support will become more difficult (along with support of legacy parts).

  • In reply to Kevin:

    Just a note, you do NOT have a license for HEW. HEW is a free-of-charge IDE. You have a license for the compiler being used in HEW.

    If you used IAR ICCH8 compiler with a node locked license in HEW you will have a problem because IAR cannot provide new license keys for such old compilers.