Can not build the sample program of RL78/G1D Evaluation Board successfully

I got the sample program of RL78/G1D Evaluation Board from renesas webside (Bluetooth® Low Energy Protocol Stack RL78/G1D applications to communicate with RenesasBLE),

I build the project (CS+ for CA,CX) and got the error: (E) F3902 RA78K0R error F3902: File 'BLE_HOST_lib.lib' file not found BLE_Emb.mtsp after inputing Data Flash Libraries and Flash Self Programing Libraries as the User’s Manual.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


  • Hi Dawn,

    Prior to evaluate this sample program (r01an3017ej), you do need Renesas BLE software (stack) for Bluetooth libraries to add in this project. Thus, you have to get the Renesas BLE software (stack). If you do not have it, contact to Toshio Kimura (


    Thein Oo

  • In reply to Thein Oo:

    Hi Dawn,

     [From America]

      Please fill out the following format and send it to me ( Then you will have a premium account that allows you to access to the Renesas BLE software (stack) from MyRenesas.

     [From other than America]

      Please contact Renesas in your region.

    * First Name:

    * Last Name:

    * My Renesas login ID:

    * E-Mail Address:

    * Company Name:     (Example: Renesas Electronics Corporation)

    * Depart Name:

    * Developed product and the use:   (Example: Healthcare device, Measuring machine, etc)

    * Zip Code: -

    * Street Address:

    * City:

    * State:

    * Telephone Number:

    * FAX Number:

    Toshio Kimura

  • In reply to Thein Oo:

    thank you, I have resolved the problem!

  • In reply to TK:

    thanks, the project is working!