Multiple instances of E1 programmer


 My team is switching from PIC to Renesas and I am having trouble finding something in the documentation.

  I need to program multiple chips in parallel using multiple E1 programmers. Is there any way to do this? I hope I have provided enough information.



  • No easy way.

    RFP and FDT have not been designed to use more than one E1.

    You could try to run multiple FDT or RFP sessions in parallel, each using its own E1. But I don't think this is what you want.

    You could write your own front end and use FDT or RFP as command line tool. Then your front end could start multiple programmers in the back ground.

    Do you need on-board prgramming, or would programming prior to assembly be an alterantive?

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Yeah, I currently have an App that initiates the RFP through command line; this is working perfectly. I am using the same practice I used with the MeLabs programmers; however, MeLabs allows a command line option that points to a specific hardware device. This is what I am trying to figure out with Renesas.

    You say "Then your front end could start multiple programmers in the back ground." This what my true question is: how? I see nothing about this in the documentation.

    Yes, we do need on-board programming.

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    I think what FrankL was leading to, is having a front end start up multiple command line script sessions, each with it's own E1 serial number attached.  


    Looking at the RFP manual, it dictates how to specify E1 Serial Number, could the script be set up to successively go through each programmer?  after it completes and disconnects, connect to the next one and start the cycle over again?  

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    Ignore the following for now, I think I have found a solution; once confirmed I will come back and close this.

    How do I attach the serial number to the command line? The documentation of command line options doesn't say anything about this.

    My current parameters are:

    @" /silent ""<some_dir.some_project.rpj>"" /file ""<some_dir.some_hex.hex>"" /log ""<some_dir.some_file.txt>""");

    This works perfectly. I am just trying to get the functionality to match our 4-up programmer we currently have with MeLabs.

    Thanks again.

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    it's actually part of the script, if you look in the user manual for RFP    section 4 gives some details on  how to setup scripts, including how to start it from a batch file.

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    I would like to point out, the RFP V3.0 User's Manual does not have any information about scripts. That being said, I have it working without scripts.

    To use multiple E1 programmers for parallel programming:

    1) Create a new RPJ, one per E1 programmer. In the Tool Detail window, uncheck Auto Select and select one of the programmers.

    2) Save the RPJ, using the name of the programmer that was selected in step 1.

    3) In App "front end" you are using, init a CMD window passing in the location of the  RFP .exe and:  " /silent ""<location of RPJ from step 2>"" /file ""<location of .HEX>"" /log ""<location of output file.TXT>t""" for each of the E1's you are using.

    Thank you everyone that helped me with figuring this out.


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    Very nice,  Having the ability to select inside the RFP could definitely make each session unique, and then running a batch file to call each one could make it tied to just one command.  I suppose I'll have to update my RFP since i'm still back on 2.5