RH850/FL CAN Driver


I am working on the CAN driver implementation and found the driver is not able to transmit data on the BUS.PLease find the debug findings below:

- Cantransmit function is writing Data and ID to register and setting transmit request (verified the register).

- Verified the error register (C2EFL) and found following error bits are set.

- Arbitration lost

- Stuff error

- Bus line error

- I am using CANoe (CANcase XL hardware) simulation set up.

-  When I short the CAN_L and CAN_H bus off interupt us happening.

- Verified the Pin Configuration and looks fine (Configured as CAN Tx and Rx)

CAN buad rate : 500kbps.

Reception is also not happening.I am sending one frame CANoe at 100ms.

Please advice me how to proceed further.

I really appreciate quick response.

Please let me know if you need any more additional info.

Thanks in advance!!!

  • Did you check the RSCAN sample in the RH850/F1L starter kit ?

    There is also a Renesas App-Note about RSCAN.

  • Hi prejeesh,

    Have you connected terminal resistor(120 ohm), because the CanCaseXL doesn't have terminal resistor setup by default

  • In reply to gopish:

    Hi Gopi,

    Thank you for your reply!

    Yes, I am using 120 ohm resistor with DB9 connector to connect with CANcaseXL.

    Below I have attached the wave form at the micro controller Tx pin after initialisation (no Tx request placed)

    Here the 5 consecutive receive bit is having time period of 67 micro seconds and the stuff bit (1 dominant) is having  time period of 5 microseconds.

    Here my question is in case of normal working CAN driver, for the 5 recessive bits should have time period of 10 micro second and stufff bit should have time period of 2 micro second for 500 kbps buad rate. ?

    Looking forward for your comment.


  • In reply to Fragero:

    Thank you for sharing the links.

    I haven't gone through this.Since using the vector stack directly started with development.

    Will go through these samples.Mean while can you please comment on the wave attached in reply to Mr.Gopi ?