Spare bits in FMP or PXP profile

Want to know if there are any bits in the FMP or PXP profiles that could be user defined. I took a quick look at the spec, but this requires more detailed knowledge of the protocol than I can immediately gain. Can you answer the question?

Don Logan (FAE)

  • Don - Can the user just make a custom profile which is based on FMP or PXP profile?

  • In reply to Ash Patel:

    They can certainly use a custom profile, but they want to know if there are unused places in a standard Prox or Find profile that could be used.  - Don

  • In reply to Ash Patel:

    Hi Don/Ash,

    Proximity Profile (PXP) needs to implement Link Loss Service as a mandatory service. Immediate Alert Service & Tx Power Service are optional

    Find Me Profile(FMP) needs to implement Immediate Alert Service

    In the understanding so far, Immediate Alert Service and Link Loss Service has the characteristic Alert Level. This can take one of the following values “No Alert," “Mild Alert," “High Alert,". These values are predefined and are indicated through 16 bit UUIDs.

    In short, there are no bits reserved for communicating custom information through this profile and a custom profile is needed to convey more information.

    However, the custom profile can co-exist along with the Immediate Alert Service to provide more information.