Error occuring while compiling

Hi everyone

Please I'm working on  a Rx62t microcontroller with e2studio The following message kepps appearing when I click on "Debugports hardware debug":

"Exception occured during lauch Reason: Error final lauch sequence".

So because of this, I can't communicate with the microcontroller and see if my program  is working properly. The compiler version installed in my computer is GNURx15.02.

Please can you support me on this ?


Orphe M



  • This message has nothing to do with the compiler. It is a debugger message.

    Which emulator do you use? Is it E1?

    Which messages are shwon before this error message? Is E1 recognised, and is the firmware programmed to E1 or does E1 have the correct firmware?

    Please check the debugger settings.

    Has the correct processor been selected?

    Is the processor clock set correctly?

    Is the processor power supply correct?

    Has the correct emulator been selected?

  • Hi Alicash,

    Do you have any updates on your project?


    RenesasRulz Moderator

  • Sorry, this message does not give any information what could be the reason for the problem.

    Please show the output in the console window, what is the output of the GDB server?

    In my e2s it is

    GDBServer for Renesas targets.    Version 4.01.00 (Dec 28 2015 15:54:28)

    Starting server with the following options:

           Raw options                : C:\Tool\Renesas\e2_studio\eclipse\../DebugComp/e2-server-gdb.exe -g E1 -t R5F562TA -p 61234 -d 61236 -uClockSrcHoco= 0 -uInputClock= 12.0000 -uAllowClockSourceInternal= 1 -uUseFine= 0 -uJTagClockFreq= 16.5 -w 1 -z 1 -uRegisterSetting= 0 -uModePin= 0 -uDebugMode= 0 -uExecuteProgram= 0 -uIdCode= FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF -b -n 0 -uWorkRamAddress= 1000 -uProgReWriteIRom= 0 -uProgReWriteDFlash= 0 -uPTimerClock= 96000000 -uhookWorkRamAddr= 0x1000 -uhookWorkRamSize= 0x230

    Connecting to E1, RX Target

           GDBServer endian           : little

           Target power               : on

    Starting target connection

    Firmware up to date at version ''

           Target endian (MDE pin)    : little

    Finished target connection

    Target connection status - OK

    Starting download

    Finished download

    And this is my emulator configuration: