Flash RH850 with command line 2 DUTs parallel


I am referring to document http://documentation.renesas.com/doc/products/tool/doc/r20ut2909ej0201_rfprh850.pdf where are used commands for command line to flash RH850.
So theoretically I should be able to flash the device with command line.

But is it possible to flash 2 devices at the same time ?

I have no experiance with flashing and also parallel flashing, so I will be happy for any suggestion

Thank you.

  • To clarify how the procedure should work:


    PC, 2 emulators E1 [R0E000010KCE00] www.renesas.eu/.../index.jsp, 2 DUTs

    So the question is changed to:

    Is it possible to run script file to flash 2 DUTs at the same time if we are using 2 emulators but one flashing SW (Renesas Flash Programmer) ?

    Thank you.

  • In reply to newbie:

    No way. One instance of RFP can connect only to one E1.

    You can only start 2 instances of RFP in parallel, and connect each of them to one specific E1.