BLE (RL78/G1D) interfacing with RSKRL78G14 board


I am trying connect BLE (RL78/G1D) to RSKRL78G14 by following the steps in given manual - Bluetooth® Low Energy Protocol Stack : Host Sample Application Note. But unfortunately this is not working. I have downloaded both the host and BLE MCU programs but though G14 displays message of BLE_Init, BLE is not advertising and hence G14 immediately shows message BLE_ext. Please can anyone help me on this or has anyone worked on this before and has some valuable inputs.

Thanks & Regards,

Akshat Agrawal

  • Hi Akshat,

    Make sure all of your jumper setting are correct with respect to  R01AN2807EJ0100 document. If you have all correct setting afre confirmation, you should build new project for RL78/G1D as explained in page 12. Use new binary file to test per instruction.


    Thein Oo