Read Product Register (PRR) on a RCAR Premier Starter kit

Hello Community,

What would be a reliable way to read out the Product Register (PRR) on a RCAR Premier Starter kit at address H'FFF00044?
My Linux is up and running, tried the following:
root@localhost:~# devmem2 0xFFF00044 w
/dev/mem opened.
Memory mapped at address 0xffffa532b000.
Read at address 0xFFF00044 (0xffffa532b044): 0x00004F10
According to HW manual I could interpret the result
- [31..16] as all 9 cores are present on my SoC,
- [15..8] confirms that I have RCAR H3
- but that "1" on Bit 4 from reserved range [7..0] makes me think maybe all the values are just coincidence and I'm not reading the right register.

I give also a little context why I try to do this. I'd like to use the CR7 core but there is little to no info how to do it.
The elinux page doesn't list the core as feature, the Shimafuji page also doesn't list the core, on my starter kit the micro usb connector is missing which would provide serial console for that part (SCIF1 interface).
Here you can see the core on the picture and the usb connector near the RJ45 connector
The HW manual refers to this core as "option", so first I try to figure out if the core is even present on my board.

Is this the right group to get info about the RCAR Premier Starterkit in general and about the CR7 core specifically?

Thank you!