Salvator-X ES-1 SCIF download shows Device ID Error

I using my convenient bash script to download the multiple .srec initial programs, and encountered a problem "Device ID Error", 

shown as below message:


lih@lih:~/renesas/repo/build/tmp/deploy/images/mel-automotive-salvator-x/rcar-platform-scripts$ sudo ./ -d .. -l ../image_list.cfg -rpc
[sudo] password for lih:

List of all available images:


The folowing script will write the images (SREC or BIN)
listed in image_list.cfg file

Before restart the board, the user has to set system booting in
SCIF Download Mode

SW10 configuration

ON | | | |
OFF * * * *

Board salvator-x powered off
Board salvator-x powered on
set rec pack 1000 /home/lih/.kermrc
Setup /dev/ttyUSB0 to 115200 baudrate
Serial port setup done
Waiting to power on the board...
SCIF Download mode (w/o verification)
(C) Renesas Electronics Corp.

-- Load Program to SecureRAM ---------------
Work RAM(H'E6300000-H'E632E800) Clear....
please send !

Flash writer for R-Car H3/M3/M3N Series V1.06 Apr.25,2018
Scif speed UP

Writing ../bootparam_sa0-r8a7795-salvator-x.srec...

===== Qspi/HyperFlash writing of Gen3 Board Command =============
Load Program to Spiflash
Writes to any of SPI address.
Please select,FlashMemory.
1 : QspiFlash (U5 : S25FS128S)
2 : QspiFlash Board (CN3: S25FL512S)
3 : HyperFlash (SiP internal)
Select (1-3)>3
DEVICE ID Error. Please check switch setting
READ ID = 0x00000000
>Error setting Program Top Address


I am sure the switches are in the right position.

Any ideas?

  • The problem solved. The root cause is that the SOC socket was not well attached to the mainboard, so we unlocked it then lock it tightly. everything works
  • We are also facing the same issue. Kindly share the procedure for reinserting the SoC.
    Thanks in advance
  • In reply to Haiyuan:

    We are also facing this issue, May i know how to unlock the SOC socket and lock it?