Difference between cross compiler and toolchain

I'm using following IDE,Tool-chain. I have doubt to understand difference between  cross compiler and tool-chain , please some one help me to get clear idea  between cross compiler and tool-chain.


IDE : e2 Studio
Toolchain : KPIT GNURX-ELF Tool-chain




  • Hi Karthikeyan,

    A cross-compiler is a type of compiler that can create executable code that can run on another platform aside from the one that you are using. For example, you build on a Linux machine then you want to use Windows machine to run that "cross-compiler" and generate code for your target Renesas MCU. The toolchain is a set of programming tools chained to develop programs like for example a Renesas MCU. For more information please read the contents in these links.


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  • Hi Karthikeyan,

    The tool chain you have is good for the RX family devices. Once you switch the MCU device family, usually you change the Tool chain especially the compiler to that particular family, and then port your application code for the new compiler. I haven't seen the cross compiler for RX family that allows to convert the code automatically, so porting will be the only choice to migrate the code to another platform.


  • Karthikeyan,

    Has your question been answered?

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  • Hi sir,
    Where i can get these tool chain sir KPIT GNURX-ELF Tool-chain.