Ethernet Flash Boot Loader

Hi guys,

I just started to build an app on PE-HMI1 (SSP 1.2.1).

I want know if there are some example of BootLoader work on ethernet like the old RX62N/RX63N ( )

Somebody knows something already implemented.

Thank you.

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    How can i implement the same with using the UART as karol did with the USB code or Netx based Bootcode!!

    I want to implement the single slot Bootloader with downloader as karol did but with the UART !

    Can you please help me for the same !!! thank you
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    Hi Karol. I am using this example for our firmware upgrade functionality. There is just one hiccup I want to know about: What parameters should I feed into the command line python script to generate the .bch file from .srec file?
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    Hi Karol, I am trying this example now. Can you help me know what process did you follow (what addresses you put in) in Flashloader EXE to generate S7_SK_image.bch?

    The configuration file in this project has the starting address is 0x040000 and the size is 0x3c0000. I don't know what to put in fields in Flashloader.exe for SREC to BCH conversion. For example, "Maximum Block size", "Header location", "Fill space", "Valid Mask".
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    Hi Prasad-
    If you still have an issue can you create a new post? This topic is getting off track from the original one and this makes it difficult to follow-up on.