Build only changed files?

Is there a way to rebuild only the changed files?  If I make a simple one line change to my code it takes forever to build..




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    Oh, I see it. You did it using Manage Configuration in the above window whereas I used right click menu this way:

    Your way copies the Refresh Policy field, mine doesn't although it makes the same action.

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    > Given sources are encrypted, the files aren't readable unless used with SSP license (which is behind the licensing agreement). Reproducing encrypted content is knowingly violating this agreement.

    That's OK. I have no problem with the license but the way how it is handled. Sources should be decrypted once license is entered. Normal developer doesn't want to publish licensed sources but needs to examine and search them rather often. Using his favorite tools which are usually much better and more efficient than what Eclipse offers (I use it just for building and sometimes for debugging, never for editing).

    > Assuming protected IP in the SSP wasn't encrypted, if someone were to accidentally share a complete project, it would make such protected IP visible to non-license holders.

    These sources are usable just for Renesas devices and anybody can get the license so what's the problem? Also, there is FreeRTOS and others... Renesas just makes obstacle for own customers and can't stop anybody who'd like to steal the code (for whatever reason which I can't imagine).

    > From my previous post: Secure Builder is only used for decryption of encrypted sources. It's not responsible for checking and restoring modified Synergy files. In fact, it doesn't understand concept of pack files and is unable to parse the configuration.xml file.

    OK, I meant the whole build process.

    > Files are restored by "Synergy Builder" which can be disabled in project properties. In the following clip I demonstrated how changes to the XML are not automatically generated to the source when "build" is selected:

    Nice, thank you :) No other side effects? The warning there is rather scary. That looks good but how should I or other developer know without your advice? I'd never have an idea to disable Synergy Builder when work on Synergy based project ;-)


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    I just noticed another way how to start Manage Configurations which also creates the same problem (Refresh Policy not copied):

    It seems it only works when started the way you did.