TFT touch_IC-SX8650

I use e2 studio and ssp 1.6.0.i use resistive touch screen.

In my custom board i used SX8650 IC for was working and i am able to touch.

But when i do pressure then TFT  Touch was work other wise not.I also change SX8650 IC resister value but problem not solve.

how i can make touch more sensitive?so i am able to operate TFT Touch smoothly.

  • Hi Sonu,

    Have you made some progress on this one? Were you able to make your TFT touch display operate smoothly?

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator

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    Hi JB,

    Thank you for your reply,
    I am not able to do,can you please help me?

    I made one industrial project there was i have require touch smooth.

  • It sounds like this an issue with the configuration of the Semtech SX8650 resistive touchscrenn controller, rather than a Synergy related problem. I would suggest you need to contact Semtech to find out how to configure the SX8650 correctly for your system.
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    ok thank you for your reply
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    Can you please give me suggestion which touch controller IC i can use? it will be give fast touch response when i use SX8650 IC when i use pen or finger nail then it give fast response.
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    I'm using the 8650 in my projects now without problems. The thing about that chip (as opposed to the 8654) is that it has no pen up interrupt so you have to simulate that in software.

    Lacking a pen up would cause UI to act strangely because most UI things are set up to act on the pen up rather than the pen down interrupt.

    To use this chip you have to put it into AUTO mode and deal with the extra load that comes from it.

    I've attached (I think) the updated version of the driver that works for me..

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    Hi rjl,

    Thank you for your reply can you please give me information which TFT you used in your project.

    i update driver.How you touch TFT? using finger? or use finger nail or any pen?

    Because when i use finger then IRQ not generate and when i touch with more pressure then interrupt generate and when i use finger nail or pen then IRQ give fast response.

    i am not understand why tft and driver give this type of response.can you please help me.
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    the portion of the schematic that we're using is this:

    It basically just connects directly to the touch overlay. We're using a New Haven display system NHD-4.3-480272EF-ATXL-T

    We only use finger to touch with, not pen or fingernail.  Which brings a question: you are using a resistive touch overlay, yes? This chip doesn't know about capacitive ones.

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    Hi rjl,

    Thank you for your support,but i don't know why i have require more pressure when i used finger for used GUIX STUDIO for the tft screen?
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    Yes, but that wouldn't be your problem. If it takes more pressure on your finger to give you touch, then I'm thinking that the touch overlay has some sort of incompatibility with the 8650. Check the technical specifications of your touch overlay against the NHD one to see what the differences might be. Pay specific attention to the resistive characteristics.
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    Thank you for your support,

    I check NHD and there was touch activation force is 30~120g and in my tft touch activation force is 50~120g so may be this problem generate.