HC 05 Bluetooth related problem

I used HC 05 Buetooth.I wrote Bluetooth related program on E2studio.I wrote program but how i will check?There was any application i will write and read data?or any another solution to check my program work proper or not?

  • Hello Sonu,

    The HC-05 module is very simple to use. You just connect the RX and TX pins to the microcontroller, and use the UART module with the 9600 baud rate. There is no need to setup it (unless you want to change the default settings).

    To test your program you can use any smartphone with the Bluetooth. First you need to enable the Bluetooth on your phone, then start scanning of the devices. You should see your HC-05 module (for sure you need to power up it beforehand). Then you pair with it; the PIN code is usually 1234 for these modules.

    Then you need to download any Bluetooth terminal program to your smartphone. Open it, and connect to the HC-05 module. If the connection has been established correctly, the LED on the module will stop blinking, and will just stay on. And now you are ready to test the communication. Try to send something from your device and see if anything appears on your smartphone display. Then send something from your smartphone via the Terminal program and see if there is any reaction in your device.

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    I have done program and it was working but can you please suggest me Bluetooth terminal program.I used android smart phone.
  • In reply to sonu:

    I usually use this app: play.google.com/.../details

    It works quite good and stable.

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    thank you for your reply i will try this app