RAE FlashLoader SSP 1.7.0 ethernet download


I know some of the Renesas Engineers keep the Synergy FlashLoader in a newer form here for new SSP support, I have downloaded the latest file from of the threads posted by Karol, my issue is that the downloader framework requires a communications framework, the issue is that the only options available is USB UART and Telnet, but I cannot use those as I have a telnet setup in the code already and I am using all the uarts and USB's, I am going to use a GSM connection to download the new firmware, and if there is some advice there then that will help, but for now I just want to get my system starting up with the flashloader and my main application so that I can focus on writing the download function to receive the new firmware, so is there any advice on how to either add ethernet to this communications system or a way to make it optional for now.

Just for extra info, this project is designed to run either a S5D9 or a S7G2, the project runs on both with normal code concept, but for now I starting with testing the Flashloader on the S5D9, but I will compile for both device's.


Ronald Hare