DK S7G2 bluetooth related problem

I used reference program for bluetooth but my program was stop in while(1) and give me SSP_ERR_TIMEOUT

static void ble_thread_func(ULONG thread_input)
/* Not currently using thread_input. */
SSP_PARAMETER_NOT_USED (thread_input);

/* Initialize common components */
tx_startup_common_init ();

/* Initialize each module instance. */
ssp_err_t ssp_err_g_sf_ble_onboard_profile0;
ssp_err_g_sf_ble_onboard_profile0 = g_sf_ble_onboard_profile0.p_api->open (g_sf_ble_onboard_profile0.p_ctrl,
if (SSP_SUCCESS != ssp_err_g_sf_ble_onboard_profile0)
while (1)

/* Enter user code for this thread. */
ble_thread_entry ();


when i remove while(1) and then debug my program then it was stop in this function so please any one can help me?

void ble_thread_entry(void)
ssp_err_t ssp_err = SSP_SUCCESS;

//Activate the BLE module
ssp_err = ble_activate();
if(ssp_err != SSP_SUCCESS)


  • The S7G2-SK and the S7G2-DK boards have different bluetooth modules fitted. The S7G2-DK board has CMAX CMM-9301 and the S7G2-SK board uses a RL78/G1D BLE device.
  • In reply to Jeremy:

    Hi jeremy,

    can you please give me DK S7G2 bluetooth related program or help me which framework i can used?
  • In reply to sonu:

    The BLE framework in the SSP only supports the RL78/G1D. I am not aware of any example programs that use the CMAX Bluetooth module on the DK-S7G2 board.
  • In reply to Jeremy:

    hi jeremy,
    can you please suggest me how can i connect DK S7G2 bluetooth to my android phone ?