USBX fail to build on S5D9

USBX fail to build on S5D9

i use SSP 1.6.3 with AE-cloud1 S5D9 kit on E2 studio, with c++ project (as i need to support c++) and follow the example to create USBX . i got all the files generated but face this error
invalid conversion from 'void*' to 'UX_SLAVE_CLASS_CDC_ACM*

the error is in synergy generated file, so i can't change it. if i changed it gets generated again
#define UX_NULL ((void*)0)

  • i resolve the error. in the USB_thread_entry.cpp, i change as below

    void ux_cdc_device0_instance_deactivate (VOID * cdc_instance)

    g_cdc = NULL; //was originally UX_NULL