Multiple touch & other GUIX Widget issues on Custom s7g2 board.

We have made a custom board based on s7g2 which houses a different Display & SDRAM IC. Also the Touch IC is different from one found on DKS7G2  as it is already obsolete. We have been doing the software development on DKS7g2 all this while and have started migrating the code on our actual hardware board now. Following are the details of our board to help understanding the changes against DKS7G2.


TOUCH- Sx8650

SDRAM- AS4CM16SA 64Mb synchronous DRAM

MC- R7FS7G2H2A01CBD s7g2, BGA package(224 pins)

Display-Resolution- 800*600, TFT, Interface- RGB 666 interface(18 bits)

We have successfully interfaced the new touch & SDRAM IC’s and have it up and running (After the importing the  new Touch IC Driver for sx8650 & required changes in synergy files for SDRAM ).  Now however the problem is that we face two touch problems.

I have described that one by one here below.

Problem 1- Widgets involving scrolling does not work viz. String & Numeric Scroll wheel, Drop list or vertical list for that matter. We checked by printing the touch coordinates while dragging/scrolling a finger onto the display and surprisingly it does change as we run the finger along the display. Widgets working on clicks (GX_EVENT_CLICKED) viz. buttons, icon buttons or text buttons works just fine except a strange issue (Discussed in problem 2). We had this widgets working fine & smooth on DKs7g2 board without any problem during our entire software development phase. We tried downgrading the GUIX studio versions but that did not help either. Moreover we are using SSP version 1.7.0 with the associated e2studio.

Problem 2- There seems to be multiple touching on display, or to put it in a simple way pressing a button widget does makes the desired screen transition, but automatically a widget (drop list button/icon button/text button) just under the previous button widget on the old screen gets clicked. This in turn makes one more undesired screen transition. This problem was not not with with DKS7g2 board, the display seemed just right responsive. We tried lowering the LCD panel's refresh rate  from 10 Hz(Default) to 5 Hz or changing the Touch SCI operation mode from FAST Mode to STANDARD mode in the configurator properties but that did not solve the problem.


Please help,


Himanshu M