GUIX 5.6 SSP1.7.5 GX_EVENT_PEN_UP missing


after an upgrade to SSP 1.7.5 and GUIX 5.6 there is no more GX_EVENT_PEN_UP when releasing the finger on a GX_SINGLE_LINE_TEXT_INPUT. On different widgets or a space without any widgets in the same window it works.

Any idea what could cause that? Is it a feature?



EDIT: Apparently the event processing for GX_SINGLE_LINE_TEXT_INPUT has been changed, as it now checks if the box has input and if thats the case GUIX doesn't send the PEN_UP event for processing anymore (see gx_single_line_text_input_event_process.c [line: 427], following). This doesn't seem much like a feature to me though, because I was using the PEN_UP event to create a function where the finger has to be released on the button, text input etc. that it first touched. If you move the finger away, you can cancel the touch. This is not possible anymore with this change.

  • Hello Christoph,

    Have you tried performing your additional actions before invoking gx_single_line_text_input_event_process()?

  • In reply to Renesas Karol:

    Hello Karol,

    how can I do that? Do I need to overwrite the event function in GUIX Studio? The gx_single_line_text_input_event_process() is called automatically.




    EDIT: Okay I replaced the process function, but the original processing does so many things that I would need to fit to my use case that it seems like too much work. Is there any documentation why the processing was changed? Not only the missing PEN_UP, but also the selection of the whole text when gaining focus seem counterintuitive to me.