Synergy Xware component vs Framework component

Please may i know if there is any document where i can find proper difference between framework and Xware components of SSP package. Also i want to understand when to use which component.

  • In reply to Jeremy:

    A good place to start so you have a basic understanding of the SSP Architecture is in the SSP User's Manual (the first link Jeremy provides above). Read over section 2.2, SSP Architecture, so you understand the basics on Modules, Stacks and Interfaces. Then scan over the Module Overviews, section 4, for Frameworks to see what functions are available. Finally, section 4.3 shows the Express Logic modules so you can see what functions are available. That should give you enough background to determine which ones you need for your application.

    For even more information on Express Logic functions, refers to the X-Ware docs Jeremy points too in the second link.