AE-CLOUD2. NB-IOT connection.


Is it possible to connect  AE-CLOUD2 to cloud (Amazon, Google etc) with NB-IOT using only TCP/IP or UDP protocol?

If yes, how can we do this?

We cannot establish PPP connection with our NB-IOT operator.

Thank you!

  • PPP is used as the L2 protocol between the TE (Synergy) and MT (BG96):-



    An IP based PDP context will be defined with the AT command AT+CGDCONT which will use the APN info specified by the user.

  • Hi timurl,

    You may have to change scan sequence in the properties for BG96 driver to put NB-IoT first. Otherwise it seems to work fine (at least on my desk using T-Mobile NB-IoT SIM).

  • Hello Timurl,

    Have the previous replies answered your question? Can we close this issue?

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  • In reply to Sergey Sokol:

    Hi Sergey,
    Using the Renesas Sierra Framework (initialy ported from BG96) 1.60, I have successfully attached to the network, and stayed connected for a few hours exchanging data with our server on the network.
    After a few hours the communication has stopped, and I have been advised I should introduce a data flow which involved the attaching to the network, performing any data transfers, and detaching. Then this sequence can repeat indefinitely.
    I have implemented the necessary at the AT command level, but I do not know what exactly to at the level of nx_ip_interface_xxx interface level.
    Is there some advice/example we can follow ?