SSP Migration for custom BSP Creation



I have a SK-S7G2. I initially used SSP V1.5.2 for a proof-of-concept. The experiment went well and now we have assembled our a hardware prototype based on SK-S7G2 but with subtle changes. Following have changed:

  1. MCU. SK-S7G2 has a 176 pin package, we have a 144-pin MCU (R7FS7G27H3A01CFB).
  2. We need two Ethernet ports (Two different PHYs, so two different IPs), SK-S7G2 has one.
  3. We are using a different QSPI External Flash

I had previously asked in a post on this forum itself about how to create a BSP for custom board, and it was answered to my expectations.

Now that I foresee a lot of application-level requirement changes, I am keen to know whats the recommended way of moving on with it.

My requirements are as follows:

  1. One Ethernet port functions on Telnet with fixed IP. There is already an example for SK S7G2, and I have validated it. I need to send a file (most likely an HTML fetched from QSPI External Flash) through Telnet. Should I be using Telnet or should I be using FTP?
  2. The other ethernet port shall be connected to a router/DHCP Server. I understand that there is an example for DHCP Client Module for SK S7G2 which I should be able to use as a reference once I create a BSP for my custom board. As a part of the application I want to be able to send/receive data (not sure if the files to be supported) to other devices of the same architecture as the system that we are discussing. Should the Telnet be implemented on top of the DHCP?
  3. I need to have a file system on QSPI. I see that the FileX supports QSPI Flash. Again, there is an example, which I should be able to use a reference once the custom BSP with QSPI External Flash interface tested.

I see that the SSP1.6.0 is released. Is it advised to begin with SSP 1.6.0 (and the official supported version of e2 studio for SSP 1.6.0)?

The question arises because there has been no documentation for creating a BSP for custom board using SSP V1.5.0 and an older document which guides about the process for SSP V1.2.0 onward, is no longer usable for e2 Studio V7.2.y or V7.1.y.


Please advice.

  • I would always recomend using the latest version of the SSP when starting a new project. You will need to choose which protocol (FTP or Telnet) best meets the requirement of your product. DHCP is just a way of assigning an IP address to a network interface on the DHCP client (i.e. your product), Telnet or FTP will then use that network interface to communicate with another device on the network.
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    Jeremy, thanks for responding. Is it planned to provide a document referring to SSP 1.6.0 (and consequently e2 Studio version 7.3.0) for guiding users to create a BSP for custom boards?
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    I don't know if there is a document planned specifically for creating a custom BSP with SSP 1.6.0. The proceedure is basically the same as under e2studio 6, however for SSP 1.6.0 the ethernet PHY code has been broken out. The SSP 1.6.0 release notes details the changes :-

    So the custom BSP will now need to contain another file bsp_ethernet.h, and if the board doesn't use a micrel phy (KSZ8081RNB or KSZ8091RNB), then the BSP will also need to contain the PHY related code.

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    Thanks a lot for pointing that out. Fortunately, our design uses 'KSZ8081RNACA-TR', one each for the two Ethernet ports.
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    Also, under e2studio 7 the .module_descriptions folder is no longer created in each project. Instead, the XML is stored in a modules folder under the e2studio 7 installation:-


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    I noticed this as well. Previously we had a custom touchscreen driver that was "linked" in through an .xml file in module descriptions (this was the recommended approach by Renesas support). How are we supposed to do this in the new paradigm?
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    Nothing changes, a pack file used under e2studio 7 still has the XML stored in a folder called .module_descriptions (this image is from the sx8654 touch controller pack from SSP 1.6.0) :-



    It is just that e2studio 7 now stores the XML files in a central folder, rather than replicating them in a .module_descriptions folder in each and every project created, in every workspace.

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    I just started migration and I have a similar issue.
    I am using a custom board with Ethernet with a KSZ8081RNB
    but SSP doesn't generate any bsp_ethernet.h so when I compile I got a lot of errors.

    Do I have to create the bsp_ethernet.h ? If yes, where in the structure?

    It worked with 1.5.0 SSP.
    Do you have some clue?

    Olivier D
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    As previously stated in this thread, from the SSP 1.6.0 release notes :-


    So you now need to have the file bsp_ethernet.h in your BSP, in that file define BSP_BOARD_PHY_KSZ8081 and include bsp_ethernet.h in the bsp.h file of your bsp.

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    I got a problem,
    I have added a bsp_ethernet.h file with the define inside but,
    I just put an #include "bsp_ethernet.h" in my source file but the generated file (like nx_hw_init.c have no link to my .h file) so there are not to ether_phy.h"

    How do I do so that renesas files know the bsp_ethernet.h ?
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    In the BSP for your board, in bsp.h you need to include bsp_ethernet.h
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    my problem is that from now on, I didn't need to create a Custom Board Support package (I use the default Custom Board package without modifying).
    Now I tried with tuto
    but as explained previously, I need to modify some part on module_description.xml
    It seems that this tuto is no longer valid for SSP1.6.0 ...

    I am a bit stuck because default custom board doesn't generate bsp.h file
    Do you have any idea?
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    As a work around you could define BSP_BOARD_PHY_KSZ8081 in the compiler preprocessor defined symbols :-


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    Thanks a lot,
    I could compile my project without error.

    Olivier D