Creating custom BSP for R7FS7G27H3A01CFB on SSP1.5.3 and e2 Studio V7.2.0



I have a S7G2 SK. I performed some basic proof-of-concepts on SK S7G2.

My teams has designed the hardware with R7FS7G27H3A01CFB controller which is different than what SK S7G2 has (R7FS7G27H3A01CFC).


1. We don't need those many pins.

2. The QSPI External Flash is our design is S25FL127SABMFI101

I learnt that I have to create a custom BSP. For that, I have been referring to a document which guides through the process for SSP V1.2.0 or higher. 

It can be found here:

I performed steps as mentioned there, but I am stuck at a particular step (no. 11) where I am supposed to rename configuration xml files under the directory ".module_description" in the project workspace. The problem is I don't see that directory in my project, while I can see that in the example codes that I have used and modified for SK S7G2.

Question: Is the guide usable for SSP 1.5.3? If not, then is there a different source that can guide me to create a custom BSP for R7FS7G27H3A01CFB?

  • The issue is you are using e2studio 7.2.0. Under e2studio 7.x the .modules_description folder is no longer created in each project. Instead, there is just one directory that hold the XML files, in the e2studio installation, at internal\projectgen\arm\modules.
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    @Jeremy: Oh thanks. I didn't know that. May be release notes have specified it, not sure about it. So, whats the way ahead, am I supposed to migrate to 6.2.x version which is used for one of SKS7G2 examples (Telnet to be specific), or is there another way to create get stuff working for our custom board?
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    The offical version of e2studio to use with SSP 1.5.3 is e2studio 6.2.1, hence there is no documentation on creating a custom BSP using e2studio 7. E2studio 7.3.0 will be used with the up coming release of SSP 1.6.0.
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    Thanks Jeremy, I'll roll back to version 6.2.1 and see it works.
  • @Jeremy: Hi, I am trying to create a custom BSP with SSP V1.5.3 and e2 Studio V6.2.1R. I guess this guide ( is still applicable. I think this document assumes that the custom board has the same microcontroller part as the eval kit, i.e. The guide selects 'S5D9 PK' with 'R7FS5D97E3A01CFC' in step 3. We evaluated with S7G2-SK and now we are using a different microcontroller (R7FS7G27H3A01CFB, whereas S7G2 SK has a R7FS7G27H3A01CFC). So, in step 3 should I select S7G2 SK or should I select Custom Board? The question arises because, when I select S7G2-SK in step 3, it sets the microcontroller to R7FS7G27H3A01CFC, which is not what we are using in our design.

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    I find the document you link to overly complicated and confusing. This is the procedure I use for creating a custom BSP (it should work for SSP 1.5.3 and e2studio 6.2.x as well) :-

    4265.Custom BSP for SSP 1.6.0 e2studio GCC.pdf

  •  : I am following the exact process specified in the document for custom BSP creation for SSP V1.6.0. 
    I have installed the SSP version along with platform installer instead of doing standalone individual installations of e2 studio and SSP.
    I created the project for creating custom BSP. File > New > Synergy C/C++ > Renesas Synergy C Executable Project
    Project name: miu_bsp
    Selected the Custom Board option with a R7FS7G2H3A01CFB (144-pin) as part number.



    Followed steps no. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 as mentioned in the document.
    The next step is to configure clocks and then testing the project. But before we go to that stage, I see some issues.

    I guess the problem here is that, bsp.h hsa a 'BSP_H_' header-guard and the way source editor displays the file it seems defined somewhere, (I can't find where), so the #define BSP_BOARD_MYBOARD that I am adding in bsp.h has no effect. Consequently, other source files do not see BSP_BOARD_MYBOARD and a lot of code is deactivated by conditional compilation.




    Any help is appreciated.

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    In step 8) I think there should also be the step to add a define to compiler preprocessor and add "BSP_BOARD_MYBOARD":-



    In the proper BSP, this will be defined in one of the auto generated files, this is only need when creating the BSP.




    EDIT : - sorry, I have just re-read the guide I wrote. Have you added :-




    To the "GNU ARM Cross C Compiler" Includes, and not the "GNU ARM Cross Assembler"  Includes?