YROTATE-IT-S5D9 doesn't compile with SSP 1.5.3

 Hello everybody

I have one problem (at least... we'll see after this): I'm making my own driver of BrushLess motor with S5D9 and I started with YROTATE-IT-S5D9 kit. This evaluation kit works (compiles/is designed for) with SSP 1.3.0 where only 0 errors and 155 warnings occurs.

I tried to compile with 1.5.3 to see if warnings dissappear but i had 5 errors. I think the first error trigger the others. The error is:

../src/mc_timer/hw_gpt_common.h:181:26: error: 'struct <anonymous>' has no member named 'GTINTPR'
     p_gpt_base->GTINTAD_b.GTINTPR = trigger;

searching I found that the structure is in S5D9.h... I mean: file that is hard recomended DON'T touch.

What can I do?

(I have more question, but let's go one by one)

  • Those bits don’t actually exist in the hardware manual definition for the register :-


    So the code in SSP 1.5.x has been updated, that includes the IO define file for the S5D9. The project you are using was written for SSP 1.3.0. The quickest way around it is to comment out the 2 lines in question in src/mc_timer/hw_gpt_common.h:-


    Only HW_GPT_InterruptDisable() is called in the code as far as I can see, in GPT_PWM_Close() function in src/mc_timer/gpt_pwm.c.

  • In reply to Jeremy:

    It works!! Thank you very much.

    Just for curiosity about this... "HW_GPT_InterruptDisable()" does nothing when is called? Because it seems that works with no problem.

    I'll ask more questions later :')
  • In reply to Jeremy:

    Hi Jeremy,
    Where can i find the updated source code for newer SSP ? The only one i found is for the ssp 1.3.0.
    Thank you.
  • In reply to tototrix:

    That is the only version I can find on the website as well.